Information about Altered Humans



These are individuals affected by the 10 Ravine Incident in such a manner to be noticeably different from regular humans. It could be as mild as different pupils to misshapen ears but can include more complete deformity. From extra appendages and limbs to odd growths, from completely loss of hair to completely hairy.


There are estimated by to be some 100,000 individuals living as an altered human in Detroit. The majority of these have minor alterations, such as slightly different skin tones, altered hair color, different pupils. The majority can pass as human, or at least with mild alterations they could be viewed as humans.

Of this number about 10 percent is the truly Altered human. These are rather noticeably altered humans and the majority of which have found there way to Altered State (formerly Eastern Market near downtown). Most have have moved to the location to have access to the health facilities known as the Altered State Clinic; the only authority, if one could call it that, on Altered humans.

What they have found however, is that there is a control on the population. Once living in Altered State one needs a valid permit to work anywhere else in the city. Due at first to uncertainty, this was a compromise to lift the quarantine by the Agency for Biological Threat Assessment and Recovery (ABTAR). This continues to be a concern thanks to the development of the Virus. While Ravine-Virus has only expressed in normal humans, there is concern that Altered humans may be carriers.

This is starting to spread to the near human majority of Altered humans, having different colored hair or eyes is a sign of being Altered and some humans fear spread of the virus.

— Artwork by Agnes Cecile

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