The FS3 System

The FS3 system is a classless/leveless system developed for multi-player on-line RP in a MU* environment. It is based on a primary attribute state coupled with extended skills to generate a dice pool that players roll for success in many situations. This is not unlike most classless/leveless systems.

The system is designed for a player-vs-environment mentality. Rather than set difficulty numbers in a situation, there are various success levels that can be assigned to tasks and feats; success, good success, great success, amazing success. Each die that rolls a specific outcomes counts as a success, successes combine to raise the outcome. Its simple and straightforward by design; and also why it has been called FS3 (Faraday's Simply Skill System).

There is a great amount of detail put into this system by Faraday and she has well documented the system. Documents for players and storytellers alike can be found Here on Github. This covers many of the commands that can be found on the game in the +help files and is organized to help better understand when and where to use the +system itself.

Changes to FS3

First Aid and Medicine have been removed as action skills. For non-powered individuals, these can be background skills but we are altering the combat system to focus on super powered individuals.

All our player characters will be power based, they will rely on one skill to cover the function of both First Aid and Medicine. The action skill 'Heal' will cover both combat first aid (+combat/treat name/wound# - one time attempt to heal several points on each wound received in combat) and sustained medicine skill healing (+heal name - speeds up natural healing rate).

Healing is typical pretty fast in FS3 regardless, but the only way for our players to speed it up is through super powered healing. This covers regeneration as well as the ability to heal others. With this +heal now works on oneself. It is on the player to define healing in their power concept background slot. We are not differentiating self healing/healing others/etc. We are trying to keep the action skills parsed down and simple. Do not let it come to staff to find out that it is being used differently then expressed in the concept slot (self regeneration using skill for +combat/treat others).

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