A few quick policies to be aware of:


Must OOC be 18 years of age or older to play.

Characters must be 18 years of age or older.

For our protection and yours. We have no interest in youth oriented play.


We are consent based, understanding ICA-ICC. Certain situations could lead to death, by playing and continuing to remain in said situations, one is consenting to the potential outcome of death.

Its pretty simple. We will use coded combat. It will indicate KO when someone is out, if its logical that an NPC victor would not allow their foe to live, we will keep to the spirit of the NPC's character. There is no shame in running from a fight. You will most likely know the danger and threat level of the foe and what the outcome may be if you decide to continue fighting when they have the upper hand. Taking damage in game gives negative modifiers to your rolls, this is a second warning to consider running. Staying is consent to potential outcomes.

If you do something that would logically gain unwanted attention, expect the world to react. If staff sees something in a log or during plot RP, they will have the world act accordingly. Go on a murderous rampage, do not act surprised if a super powered squat team shows up to put your character down.


One primary and one alternative. Two character cap.

Powered individuals represent a very small portion of the population in our world. Our focus is on these characters. We want to keep the player base concentrated for the purpose of generating RP.

IDLE Policy

30 days. 30-day idle characters will be marked for purging within a week or so after this 30-day mark.

We will not roster characters. We're only asking you to log in once a month to let us know you're alive. Our idle policy may change depending how the game grows and how groups or organizations might form. We will revisit it should we reach a feature character level of positions on 10 Ravine.


Don't do it. If your RP partner seems reluctant or uncertain, play it safe and ask before proceeding with something. If asked to stop by another player or staff, stop whatever it is you are doing immediately. Harassment will not be tolerated.

This is a hard rule. Seriously. If someone comes and says they're asking another to stop, staff will let the other know via a warning. If behavior continues, this will result in a ban. We will gladly discuss the warning, which is why if it continues, we will ban.

If it is blatant harassment on pub or in a log provided beyond not knowing boundaries, we may simply ban immediately. This ruins games - DO NOT RUIN OUR GAME.


If it doesn't destroy the concept of the game for other players or staff, have at it.

Its pretty simple, if it will have no affect on players not involved, do what you will. Destroy a building, kill off innocents, fight rogue powered entities. If it doesn't tip the balance of meta or theme, you are fine.

What tips this balance? Destroying half the police force, starting a major campaign against the military base on our game, altering the course of earth or history or the city. This is supers and there are many things one can do without tipping the scales so to speak.

Even then, we're not saying don't engage in such plots. Rather staff just wants to know. If the GM Ren Cen is going to be blown up, we at least need to change the grid and we should probably have the NPCs of the world react.

If you do something, be sure to log and post it. Expect the world to react. If you're killing off MP station guards near the base occasionally, don't be surprised if staff contacts you with a military squad of powered hunters or something. IF staff shows up to work on this and you dodge by not coordinated time to RP or accept mailed consequences, see our consent policy.

A rule of thumb: if staff is not aware or a log isn't posted, it didn't really happen.

Staff needs to know, we coordinate verisimilitude for everyone. Just because you got the presidential pardon in a private scene with a couple friends after that murderous rampage doesn't mean staff knows. If staff doesn't know, it didn't happen. We'll not retcon in the middle of a scene if some personal log surfaces after the fact to show evidence. Tell staff or post your logs, not because we want to control play, but we want to keep the plausibility of the game alive for all players.

We will read logs, if something went too far and the world didn't react or react accordingly, staff may contact players involved. Only to get all involved on the same page. We strongly believe that in the moment of RP, its better to ask for forgiveness in some plot wrongdoing than to pause and take the time for some approval which could really kill the mood for the players involved.

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