Theme Overview

We are a dark urban fantasy supers based Mu* set in the modern city of Detroit. Much like contemporary Detroit, our city seems abandoned to an outsider's eye. With the larger majority of residential homes vacant and abandoned, along with a fair number of older buildings left in disrepair, it would easily seem so. On Ten Ravine, following decades of decline due to economic hardships, Detroit's situation was further exacerbated by the 10 Ravine Incident. Billed in common media as the Detroit City Attack, the wake of this Incident not only further ruined the city and her population but also left some individuals altered forever.

Most of these individuals are altered but harmless, relative to most people. Being deformed in some manner to be considered a grotesque or oddity, these altered humans are slowly moved into the area formerly known as Eastern Market but now called the Altered State.

However, lately a few have individuals have emerged presenting with unique abilities and amazing abilities. Billed as super heroes, there is hope they may herald a return to the city which is, of late, looking more like a war zone. Unseen, however is the struggle of these individuals. Each has a drive, to use their powers or slowly become disconnected from humanity. Worse still is that use of these powers leads to a raw consumption, whereby an individual loses their self to what seems the inevitable dominance of their being a primal force nature of these new powers bent on destruction of everything around them.

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