The Woodward Bus Massacre

Sunday January 6th, 2020

Ravine Incident Victim Rampages, 10 Dead

Mid afternoon on Monday, January 6th, an incident escalated involving another powered individual.

It seems an altered human, after a confrontation with the Walking Church of Woodward, lost control and in a rage attacked individuals on Bus 4 of the Woodard Ave Route. Near the Transit Center downtown at the time, this individual exited the bus as it came to a stop. It is noted that their eyes took on a hazel hue and they sprouted wooden spikes that they used to hurl at others in the area.

It is the arrival of the Detroit Rock and another hooded figure that seems to have ended the situation. Police came to stop traffic and deal with the situation, but that is when these two arrived and seemed to battle the enraged individual. In an exchange of words, both the Rock and his counterpart exchanged angry words with the berserk man. Though as they fell the man, they seemed to calm down enough. A lawyer present talked with police before the masked individuals could be brought in for questioning.

The man was pronounced DOA, from injuries sustained during the conflict.

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