Spread of Virus

Tuesday August 15th, 2019

Virus Blamed on 10 Ravine Incident

A growing concern for health of those that survived the 10 Ravine Incident was confirmed this week as local health authorities confirmed the existence of a virus known as Ravine-Virus. Following a rise in hospital incidence initially blamed on a flu with a vaccine shortage, there have been reports of completely health locals coming down with flu like symptoms and slowly deteriorating, the only outcome for these few has been death.

Initially health officials reported that this was simply the flu and like most cases of flu, a few individuals will face mortality. With a growing number of these flu-like cases over the summer, the Agency of Biological Threat Assessment and Recover returned to Detroit to investigate. Other than a few officials in the Altered State, this is the first time since the 10 Ravine Incident that ABTAR has returned to the city to conduct official investigations into the biological agent known now as Specimen 10-R.

After several months of investigating this virus, official reports indicated the the Ravine-Virus stems from contamination that remains but is hard to detect in the environment around Detroit. Those individuals not altered during the initial incident express, in low numbers, flu like symptoms. Inevitably those infected with Ravine-Virus succumb to this virus. None have recovered. The flu-like symptoms can last several month, but eventually a cough will develop and the subject will experience multiple-organ system failure.

It is unclear what percentage of healthy survivors are infected with this virus, official do not yet know how to detect it prior the expression of the flu-like symptoms. Once the subject begins a rattling cough, it is usually a clear sign of infection and inevitable death by Ravine-Virus. They do not believe this will spread, but those in Detroit during the incident should report to health officials at the first sign of any flu-like symptom.

In other news

In the wake of negotiations to re-open the border between Detroit and Windsor, the development of the virus has lead to a continued closing of the borders between cities. Likewise passports of Detroit residents still indicate they are not authorized to travel out of country in the wake of this news. World official are watching the spread of the virus, but no other border has yet mentioned consideration for closing and other countries are putting pressure on Canada to lift this restriction, believing Windsor residents have been infected the same though Canada has yet to release any such information.

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