Saturday May 19th, 2018

Quarantine Ends in Detroit

Within 24 hours of the Altered Human footage, the military arrived and the city was placed under quarantine. This was difficult but within three days a parameter was established around the city and the military was shown to be operating nearby with full chemical suits and gear near and within the city. They eventually entered the city and it was considered a war zone, the military proceeded to quarantine Detroit.

It took two weeks to get FEMA aid to survivors in the city and establish a location in East Market for those affected by what was called a biological attack against the Nation.

In all other ways, Detroit became a warzone as the military tried to establish order. This included conflict with citizens of the city that were looting and rioting throughout the area. Though the rains ended in early April, the quarantine and containment of the rioting remained in full effect until May 19th. Full reports of numbers were finally given at this time, indicating nearly 20 percent of the inhabitants had perished directly from the biological agent and nearly 10 percent more in the ensuing chaos and recovery of the city.

Of the remaining population, nearly 10 percent were acknowledged to be living as altered humans. Some grew fur, some had new limbs, some were simply grotesques. Each one unique and most of them had been sectioned off in East Market which would come to be known as Altered State. Many more cases remained to be explored and its assumed many do live as an altered human even if unidentified.

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