Forever Changed

Tuesday February 20th, 2018

Developing Situation in Detroit

Within days the initial attack, the 10 Ravine Incident quickly rose to prominence in national news media With communications seemingly cut off from Detroit, not completely but enough to be felt by the nation, these crews braved the elements of the storm and subsequent rioting and looting to provide as comprehensive a coverage as they could.

The situation developed on Monday when a nationally syndicated report experienced a horrific change while reporting live. The footage is hard to follow because of the camera and the darkness, but the reporter was altered. There was an agony associated with the change and once completely, in a matter of minutes, the altered individual seemingly attacked the cameraman. While the man lived and says it was not really an attack, this footage has forever set the tone of altered humans as being monstrous animals at best in the eyes of many throughout the country and the world at large.

This incident brought the storm and rolling blackouts following the Incident to national attention by Tuesday and many eyes focused on the situation.

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