Rock of Detroit

Friday November 10th, 2019

Here Comes the Rock

Three armed individuals entered a clinic near the Altered State intent on seeking a rumored antidote for those afflicted by the bio agent. Taking a hostage at gunpoint, believed to have access to Harding Clinic, the individuals attempted to subject their victim to torture as she had nothing to give them.

As reports began to spread on police scanners, an unknown individual arrives on the scene. Little is seen of him. According to eye witnesses, he was wearing a mask and dark hoodie, but it seems he stood toe to toe with the gunman, himself unarmed. Taking fire from the men, it is noted he seems to have taken no injury and managed to rescue the hostage from the situation. No film was taken other than security cameras in the area. No hospital report an individual matching the clothing reporting after the incident with gunshot wounds.

Before he left the scene, and asked what he wanted, he was noted to have exclaimed, "I am the Rock of Detroit, together we can weather the storm." It seems there has been one or two such sightings of the man claiming to be the Rock of Detroit since.

This is the first noted incident of a powered individual in the city, though there have been rumors. More urban legend and hope when reported. This seems to be an coming out of such individuals and is a new development in the lasting effects of the 10 Ravine Incident. With the state of Detroit, this is a beacon of hope in its hour of need.

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