10 Ravine Incident

Sunday February 18th, 2018


At 8pm a loud explosion was heard near the vicinity of E Congress and Brush. A clear day, eye witness reports indicate it as a meteor crashing down while others insist it was a missile attack. The particulars remain unknown, but following this explosion, there arose over the city a dark cloud. With it came a steady rain that lasted several weeks.

Chaos broke out during this storm. Crime rose followed by reports of animal or monster attacks that continued to stream in even after the rains had ended. Near instant deaths were reported once the rain began and the death toll continued to rise; by the end nearly 20 percent of the city's population succumbed to this death. this rain were also reported. Blackouts rolled through the city starting not long after the explosions. It is believed the storm that arose after this explosion caused further blackouts. Due to growing dangers in the storm, power could not be restored immediately.

This is the 10 Ravine Incident. It is believed to be a terrorist attack. Though the culprit is unkown to this day, it is used by political figures to further agendas aimed at security and terrorism in general in Detroit and the country at large.

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