The Meta Plot/Game

These are elements meant to be revealed as the story unfolds. If you as a story teller feel inspired to take over one such group or aspect listed on this page feel free to contact staff to claim control. Staff will help coordinate between these as needed.

The Initial Group

10 years prior to the 10 Ravine incident in Detroit, a meteorite touches down in the small Wyoming town Ten Ravine. There is an actual town called Ten Sleep Wyoming (it is 10 Sleeps from Fort Laramie on foot, or 10 days). Somehow the name circulated enough to be included in news articles from the Detroit City Attack without revealing the cover up story of Ten Ravine. The majority of the town is deceased. There may be some individuals that survived and are a horrific level of power ability but are now controlled by a secret government group who are both trying to control the frozen individuals and make more supers themselves.

Antagonistic towards players

Rouge Group

From the initial group is a splinter group, upset with the research. They are responsible for taking some of the meteor and research to create the missile that was used on Detroit. Whether they think the material should be released to public, the public made aware, or just are acting out as eco terrorists is an unknown. Why Detroit was targeted is as of yet unkown (most likely lower population big city already on the decline but enough to enact the reduced/diluted compound).


Windsor Group

While Canada has its borders closed near/around Detroit. the Canadian city of Windsor (South of Detroit) was affected. The Canadian government does have a team of powered individuals from Windsor to help them and have mostly contained any powered individuals with villainous intent.

Rival/Competitive but Antagonistic towards players

Camp Rathmore

The Army remains as the general wants his own group of powered soldiers. They are focused on Altered Humans and those with beneficial oddities (harder skin, or natural abilities adept at stealth like cat reflexes but not powered on the level of characters). They do take individuals for their own research and have a hidden facilities at Camp Rathmore to conduct research.


Billionaire Harding

The billionaire does want to help Detroit philanthropically. But is very interested in the powered individuals. He has recruited the Rock of Detroit (the hero in the 1st news article) and is trying to build a team of super heroes. Players should join this group slowly.

Protagonist, intended for players to be part of.

Prophet and Church of Woodward

This is intended as a human antagonist group that wants to end all Altered Humans and, eventually, powered individuals.


Detroit City Motor Sponsor

The Motor industry is interested in a group, for promotion and as a revenue source. This would be a Heroes for Hire sort of group, flashy, sponsored but non-altruistic. They are not out to save the kitten from the tree, unless the old lady has pocket books. There is the potential Ford/GM merger being worked on, this is something that would align with the new group, good for patriotic character types too.

Semi-protagonist, meant to be open for players.

International Group(s)

The leak of some material from the initial group has probably gone to foreign threats. There should be at least one high level group operating as antagonists for the players as they grow in power and scope.


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