Altered - Information about Altered Humans
Groups - A collection of in-game orgs, factions and endities

Terms and Terminology:

  • 10 Ravine Incident: An attack on Detroit in early 2018. From this has come altered humans, the Ravine Virus and super powered individuals. Often referred to as the Detroit City Attack.
  • ABTAR: Agency of Biological Threat Assessment and Recovery (ABTAR) is a mostly unheard of entity outside of the Detroit City Attack. No one is certain what this group has done in the past, but they were a key element in the city's recovery and are present now with the spread of the Ravine Virus.
  • Apathy: a condition where by those with super powers feel apathetic and melancholy. This is a game monitored condition, failure to use powers in a significant way can result in the gain of Rage.
  • Camp Rathmore: An army base in city limits, formerly a naval recruited depot as well as the location of the local branch of the ATF, the entire building is now run under an army general. Initially to keep the peace during rioting and quarantine, the Army has yet to move out of the location. It now includes a more sturdy perimeter wall and has designated areas to launch helicopters as needed.
  • Harding Clinic: A clinic that specializes research on altered humans. Looking to treat the Ravine Virus. This clinic is sponsored by the philanthropist Harold Harding.
  • Rage: a condition whereby the more one uses power, the more they are consumed. Too much rage will result in the loss of humanity of a character, thereby making them a primal force bend on destruction. This is game monitored and reaching 10 Rage will result in Staff claiming control of the character.
  • Ravine Virus: Six months to a year after the attack, a flu like virus that slowly spread. It is linked to Specimen 10-R and end result is death (multi-organ system failure).
  • Specimen 10-R: The chemical compound identified from the 10 Ravine Incident that alters humans, giving some super powers and a virus to others.
  • Woodward Church and Prophet: Humans that do not like altered or powered humans and consider them an abomination.
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