FS3 System with Powers

Note that most of this is discussed in FS3 Powers, this is a quick reference for how powers work with normal FS3 Commands.


One of the regular functions utilized is Luck. You can not use this on yourself for a reroll or stat bonus on 10 Ravine.

A supporting element can use a luck point to benefit an ally, allowing them to reroll or gain a +5 bonus to one die roll (the same benefits of luck, but it must be used to support an ally). Support is as follows:

Fire > Earth > Metal > Water > Wood > Fire

Thus, Fire can spend a point on an Earth ally for them to get a reroll or gain +5 on one roll.

In Combat

As noted below in a destroying relationship, 1 luck can neutralize a destroying relationship and 2 luck can reverse this. This is not accounted for naturally in combat.

They story teller should give the targeted element a +1 modifier if they neutralize the destroying element, or +2 if they Incite against the destroyer.

Combat and Opposed

Boosting Elements

Naturally one element tends to boost another. This is as follows:

Fire > Earth > Metal > Water > Wood > Fire

By example, Earth is naturally boosted by Fire (ash from fire helps soil, fire can harden earth to clay, etc. etc.). In any opposed roll, Earth gains a bonus. Metal in turn is boosted by Earth and so forth.

This is automatically calculated in the combat system.

In opposed rolls, the boosted element should add a +1 modifier when the opposition roll is made. This should look like: +roll fireChar skill vs earthChar skill+1.

Luck may not be used to change a boosted roll, it may be used to support an ally as mentioned above in the Luck section.

Destroying Elements

Much as one naturally boosts or benefits another, there is also a natural order of destroying each other.

Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water > Fire

The destroying element gains a +1 bonus in all opposed rolls. This too is accounted for in our combat system but should be applied manually with +roll when making opposed rolls.

This should look like: +roll metalChar +1 vs woodChar.

Luck may be used by the opposed element to reverse or gain the advantage. This is not an game of who can use the most luck, only the targeted character may use a luck point to negate the bonus or, spend more to incite against the destroying element. See below for Inciting.


The natural flow of the elements may be negated and overturned to gain an advantage. By the philosophy, Fire normally destroys metal (high temps melt and liquefy metal), but in some circumstance the end element can be made better, metal can be made into sword or tools by fire.

On 10 Ravine, this is inciting against the destroying element. It not only costs 2 luck points but earns one Rage for the inciting individual. It reverses the destroying order as follows:

Fire < Metal < Wood < Earth < Water < Fire

In opposition, the +1 is given to the inciting element instead of the destroying element.

Roll chart from FS3 Powers page:

Element Bonus +1 Against These These Gain +1 Benefit Against
Fire Wood (Boosted), Metal (Destroying) Water (Destroying), Earth (Boosted)
Earth Fire (Boosted), Water (Destroying) Wood (Destroying), Metal (Boosted)
Metal Earth (Boosted), Wood (Destroying) Fire (Destroying), Water (Boosted)
Water Metal (Boosted), Fire (Destroying) Earth (Destroying), Wood (Boosted)
Wood Water (Boosted), Earth (Destroying) Metal (Destroying), Fire (Boosted)
Luck in Combat
Spend 1 Luck No benefits Remove +1 Benefit (Destroying), Give +5 bonus to one roll or reroll (Boosted)
Spend 2 Luck No benefit Gain +1 against Destroying and Gain 1 Rage
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