A collection of questions asked by players while creating a character that may be useful for others.

If I choose my element, does my powers have to be of that element? How do you determine the relation between elements?

The relationship comes from the five elements philosophy, it is detailed on our Powers page.

You chosen powers do not have to be literally tied to the element. If you choose fire, you do not have to turn into fire or shoot fire blasts. But, at least spiritually or metaphorically, your character is tied to this element. In combat, some elements have an advantage over others, similar to a complex rock/paper/scissors game where in any situation one element has a small bonus against another. Use of luck points between characters can affect these bonuses.

So.. The expression doesn't have to be subtle? .. A wood based concept could become a swamp-thing-esque creature?

It doesn't have to be subtle, and if you want to be full altered human, you could be swamp-thing always and live in the part of town for altered humans, or you could change into it when you 'power up'". Not saying altered human comes without disadvantages, being 2nd class citizen and practically stuck there, but still, you could probably sewer travel around town or something too.

Do we need to specify a limit when choosing a power/ability? (Example: super strength and saying 10 tons max lift or regeneration)

Yes and no. Just know that as a powered character, a mundane human doesn't stand a chance no matter what power you use. These are just a step above that its a matter of no contest.

In combat, we rely on the action skills (attack, defend). You do not have to set a limit here, your attack could be a strong AF punch to face technique or a super speed ninja technique. You're defend could be lightning fast teleportation or sucking up punches to the face.

However, if you want to have utilization outside of combat, you need to take a corresponding BG skill. These are like tricks/effects. The limits are defined on our Skill Points page. You may be super strong, but if you want to lift the 1,200 pound timber log that trapped the kids in the fire, you should have a supers strength or monstrous lift BG skill, set to the limits as defined on the skill page.

With regeneration, having the Heal ability will allow you to use +combat/heal on yourself in combat, which is a keen advantage.

But if you want to define how fast your character heals outside of combat, a BG skill will be needed, again with limits expressed on the Skills Page.

But, think of this creatively. What if the regenerating character also wants to tunnel in dirt and sand? They could take an Immersion BG skill for 2 points to do this, but then add on more points so that they heal while they are immersed, this is where the fast healing comes from outside of combat maybe. After the 2 points for Immersion, each point can be used to define how fast they heal while immersed.

Be as creative as you like but be mindful, if for some reason Immersion skill is blocked/dampened/etc, all the tricks associated with it are turned off. Maybe 2 points for Tunneling at regular speed is all that's wanted, and then another skill for how fast healing happens too.

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