The Detroit of 10 Ravine

Altered State - Eastern Market

The area formerly known as Eastern Market, the immediate blocks northeast of the 75/375 interchange, was initially established as a medical/FEMA location during the 10 Ravine Incident of 2017. It continues to operate the only known clinic servicing those afflicted by the bioagent. While there isn't a completely forced segregation of altered humans, it has become systemic that the most likely area for those altered but not powered to live in this area. Jokingly referred to on local news as the Altered State, it has adopted this name.

The Detroit Public School Academy and its neighbor, the Detroit Church, served as the initial staging area for medical attention during the quarantine of Detroit and continues to operate for medical attention in the area. It is undeserved and underfunded but is the best choice for altered humans as they understand the issue better and are willing to work with these individuals.

As the concerns related to rights of the altered continues to rise, so too do conflicts along the borders of Altered State. Humans either curious or willfully hateful of the altered are seen regularly along St. Alubin, Mack Ave, Chrysler Dr and East Fisher. Crime rates have reason due to conflicts along these streets.

The abandoned warhouses across the street from the Detroit Church have been converted into a county holding facility and there has been established a police for for the altered, including a few that serve on the police force here.

Walking Church of Woodward

Following the reopening of Detroit after its quarantine, there arrived the Woodward Profit. A man that preached against altered humans, saying it was some punishment from God and a sign that Detroit needed change. He came in the summer of 2017, was vocally active during the first six months of 2018 and has since gone silent. However, a group of individuals continue to carry his message. They are seen at least once or twice weekly carrying a message of hate on Woodward Ave, nearer those areas still busy with business around the downtown area of Detroit.

This group is accused of propagating hate crimes against altered humans.

The Philanthropy of Billionaire Harold Harding

Harold Harding is an agent financial broker and investor that currently operates his financial organization, Westwood Firm, out of his building at 150 W Jefferson. Through charitable giving in recent years before the Incident, the Harding name has gone on a few building projects in the Detroit area. Most notable of late after the Incident is the Harding Healing Gardens Clinic, a large extension of the Altered State Clinic. While the money could have been better served on research and medicine directly, he is beginning to ramp up donations and leading member of those donating money to help altered humans. This is a slow process due to the dwindling population of the city, but the efforts have begun.

Camp Rathmore

Following the incident, there has been an increase in military presence in Detroit. The former multi-state regional recruit depot of the Navy was located in the Crain Communications building. Formerly an independent, multi use facility and office space, it has been converted over the past couple years into Camp Rathmore, an army base in the heart of the city. During quarantine, this was used as a base of operations to maintain order and control. The army has yet to leave.

It is unknown why the presence remains despite a slight return to normalcy of the city, given the radical changes it has undergone. Presiding over the facility is General Blankley. He has not truly satisfied the purpose of the continued presence of military forces at the compound. While not a heavy presence, it is known they have several ground vehicles and helicopters that have been utilized on the base.


At this time, the border between Detroit and Windsor (Canada) is closed. Windsor has been affected in some ways but they are not cooperating with US Officials and the same is true. Aside from the border situation here, Canada and US relations remain the same. It is closed here as both governments seem want to control altered human populations in some manner. It is believed there has been an exchange whereby altered humans from Canada have been sent to the Altered State. This was closer to the beginning of the Incident in 2017. It is rumored some altered humans attempt to leave Canada to seek treatment at the clinic in Altered State but this is dangerous. Only it is uncertain if the greater danger is from Canadian officials keeping their population from leaving or US officials not allowing anyone to cross the border.

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