Character Generation

This is done on the game itself. Enter the game, proceed to the lobby and enter the Character Generation rooms (CG).

Before Beginning

We do not support immortality or invulnerability. While our scale goes up fairly high, we see this as more (see: Skill Points for our representation and limits) street level. Our max strength is max lift not max force tons a character can take in direct damage (50-75 tons, this is dead lift, this is not stopping a semi like Ben Grimm in the Fantastic Four movie). Against humans, we assume powers simply over come in one on one or vs small groups. This may be closer to the levels represented in the TV series Hereos. Its phenomenal compared to human scale, there are examples in main stream comics that blow us out of the water. We are interested in human stories supported by powers and how this affects the characters.

This being said, do not attempt to write a power to have some invulnerability. In the end it all comes to dice rolling for combat. Thus a group of humans large enough to affect a super powered individual will do so no matter what. You may indicate you turn completely into water somehow, but really, if someone hits you with a 10 ton anvil you will not splash and regroup unharmed. You will suffer from being hit by a 10 ton anvil.

We do not support immortaility or invulnerability. Do not attempt to write a power in such a manner that it gives you invulnerability. It all comes down to dice, no matter how much words describe a power rendering a character invulnerable, if the dice indicates a hit, then the damage is suffered.


You will enter the following information on your character sheet in this room:

  • Full name: Your full name, first and last,etc.
  • Age: Your age, it will set a date, let staff know if you want another date.
  • Sex: This helps with autogenerated pronouns, pick your preferred gender.
  • Element: One of five: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood
  • Power: A quick overview (super set, speed, telekinesis), simple and quick overview

Each requires an entry in order to proceed.


In this room you will set your character sheet.

Make note:

Type the following:
* +ability name=# - sets an ability to that level
* +ability raise/lower name - raises and lowers by one
* +reset - resets sheet to zero

Because background skills are wide open to player input, the +ability raise/lower can mistakingly add odd skills (such as +ability raise mind=3; use +ability mind=3 … the former will create a BG skill named Mind=3).

Limits in CG:

Attribute max is 4; may use 12 points on attributes
Attributes cannot be raised after CG

No more than 3 skills at level 6; max for any power action skill (attack, defend, heal, movement) is 6.
Must have 3 background skills. No more than 32 points in action skills.
2 quirks required, these do not have to be quirks, these could be hooks or plot devices, anything to spark interest in RP with others.

Straightforward but if there are questions do not hesitate to contact staff.

You start with 10 points spent when you reset, 8 for your attributes at 2 each and 2 points for knowing the English language. You can remove the language and pick another, do not RP suddenly having English without having it on your sheet; do not post it in a log either, until you've purchased it. You can lower an attribute, but 1 is an honest deficiency and must be played accordingly (don't insult actual persons with disabilities by misplaying them here).

You must read: Our information on powers for our game.

We have a guide for skill points in bg skills: Here


Note, we do not have an OOC mask here. We are PvE, while characters may not get along, they are not set up to be in direct opposition.

Do not forget to include a slot for power concept that discusses how the powers work in relation to skill levels established by action skills and also include any description for background skills utilized as tricks and effects of powers. This will help everyone understand your powers and abilities.

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