Influences on 10 Ravine

Certainly comics are a big influence. We tend to prefer street level even though our powers go up to DC paragon levels, it will just take a long time to get there.

We wanted something new without reinventing the wheel for 10 Ravine. A lot of FC-oriented comics have a tendency to reset, restart year-one, etc. We wanted a fresh start where no stories have been told and we can make our own comic universe from virtual scratch.

Our 'primary' influences include three works: Sword Gai, The Animation (anime series); Wild Cards (books series); and Andromeda Strain (movie).

The initial inspiration is an anime called Sword Gai The Animation. In which certain individuals are born with abilities to bond with magical artifacts that are really demons bound to artifacts (swords). The demon eventually struggles to control the host and once one goes out of control, it takes the others to bring them down, they are organized by a government office for this purpose. There are other groups out there trying to help/hinder these host individuals.

We wanted this to be a constant struggle, the powers a character has drives them to need to be used but using them too much they lose control. This is our Apathy and Rage.

Another central idea is that we want the fresh start but we want a controlled body of characters to make it easy to locate and find RP; that is we don't have a world wide scale to who has powers. This adds a great deal of complexity that while fun for those who enjoy completely sandboxing, really doesn't help smaller player bases other than to splinter groups even more. So we borrowed heavily from the Wild Cards books series.

One incident released a compound on Detroit. From this were born altered individuals with little to no power at all, cursed in a way. A small group is gifted powers from this compound.

A prior incident occurred in our timeline. This is influenced by the original Andromeda Strain (movies such as Outbreak are influenced by this same movie). The initial compound arrives on earth from beyond, a comet or other object passing near earth released it. There was an incident covered up where a more raw form of the material came to earth. This leaves it open to spread and grow the game if ever needed and also gives a level of story to explore the origins of the powers that have come to Detroit.

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