This is Ten Ravine.

We are a collaborative role-play environment set to an original theme that is a collaboration of urban fantasy and superhero. We exist in a persistent, on-line environment known as a MUSH which allows for more interaction and development throughout our world and theme through player involvement and direction. Our focus is storytelling and collaborative style role-play utilizing a system of rules designed for this environment commonly known as FS3.

Our Theme

Two years ago was the 10 Ravine Incident, commonly called the Detroit City Attack. It is unclear exactly what it was, the official indication is that it was a terrorist attack though no group has truly claimed responsibility. What is known is that a biological attack rocked the city of Detroit in 2017, unleashing a bioagent that fell as rain over the city for over a fortnight. Twenty percent of the population outright died from the agent. An unprecedented number of individuals were transformed into something beyond human. Grotesques and oddities, these altered humans have become second class citizens. Segregated even as the city continues to recover from the 10 Ravine Incident.


Then, nearly two years later it happened, there arose a powered individual. Coming on the coattails of what is known as the Ravine Virus, individuals that survived the incident unscathed deteriorating slowly. But this one was different, a regular human as far as anyone knows that showed amazing powers and feats, stopping three gunmen demanding meds for the virus from the Hardig Clinic. A turn for the city, a sign of hope. Only to be marred two months later by the Woodard Transit Center Massacre, whereby a similar such individual rampaged at the terminal, killing 10 and wounding dozens more before being put down by local authorities.

You, the Player

This is where you come in, the player. Players take on the personas of characters inflicted with super powers. At a price. Driven to use powers or spiral down a path of apathy or, worse, be consumed by the power until all control is lost and one is but a primal force bent on ravaging humanity. You have abilities, the infliction drives you to use them, use them too much and succumb completely to the primal force that is now in your body.

Please take some time to read over our theme here on these pages to learn more of our world, discover if this sounds interesting to you.

If interested and this environment is new to you, visit our page that discusses How to Play or connect directly to our game through our Web Portal. Otherwise all are welcome to connect to our game at the following IP and Port number: arthur.silvertree.org:1338

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